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"The visual intro to my Chakra Talk video blog brings a beautiful, professional shine to my presentations. Thank you!"
~ Blake Blanche
The Chakra Shoppe 5034 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
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Shoppe Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday unless there is a special event or class.
"I was given Bookphoria's contact info from a friend of mine who raved on how she and her business partner helped her company gain more clients and exposure. I immediately contacted them to help bring my company to the next level and they have SURPASSED all my expectations and hopes!! Not only did they offer top quality and cutting edge work but they return your calls and answer any questions in a timely manner. If you are wanting the best for your company you will find it here!"
- Mindi Blythe

As I look to turn the corner on my own career, I looked to Bookphoria to help me brand my thoughts. I watched as, what started as simple ideas in my head, made of snippets and threads of images turned into the brand bumper that is now going to be the face of our product #ManTalk. The Bookphoria team was professional, patient, efficient and timely with their production and I look forward to working with them again on future products for our brand.

Soneka K. Kamuhuza
Regional Director of Education
Porter and Chester Institute

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"Magnifique…as always!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your useful and creative ideas with us."

Berta-Isabel Cuadrado Alvarez,
Professor of Spanish
The Empire State College, NY, USA

"I had never visited and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your entries as well as the thoughtful posts of your readers. I'm subscribing today!"

LuAnne Holder, PhD,
Instructional Design and Faculty Specialist,
Detroit, USA

Marina is doing great job by sharing her wealth of experience on effective online teaching. Marina has been generously helping teachers and trainers to make online teaching more "effective". Her experience in education is tremendous and any teacher or trainer will learn a lot under her guidance."

Varun Chopra, Director at WEBner Solutions, India
I have had the pleasure of being working with Marina Kostina for the last months at IES Abroad, Marina had to perform her training to a variety of people on languages and different positions through the whole organization, from faculty members to administrative staff. Definitely, she got to manage very well to develop an online course adapted to everyone needs. Marina was always attentive to give advice and conduct my needs through the course, in which I have gained much knowledge and interest to keep on learning and to keep on improving technological skills.

Maria Romero,
Assistant Dean of Faculty,
IEA Abroad, Barcelona, Spain

Marina is a dedicated leader in educational innovation and improvement. She has significant skills in educational assessment, building collaborative relationships with peers, and in working to improve process and product improvement in organizational environments. Marina applies her scholarly skills to improve organizational practice and can be counted upon to work hard to achieve organizational best practices and results. Her work ethic and skills are above reproach.

Cynthia Drew Barnes, PhD,
Associate Professor,
School of Management at Regis University,
Denver, CO, USA

Marina is dedicated, service oriented person who helped many centers to implement Moodle globally. Her patience with everyone was always highly appreciated.

Thomas Staub,
IT Business Consultant,
Freiburg, Germany

"I just wanted to say thank you for your book. I'm now ranked very high for "online learning professional" on Linkedin. I've also had my first interview. While I did not get the job, I'm very happy that I got to go through the process."

Liesha Petrovich,
Marketing Consultant,
Norway, ME, USA

I was fortunate to be selected in early 2011 to take part in an on-line Moodle training

course for study abroad faculty and administrators in 5 continents, organised by Marina Kostina. It was clearly a difficult course to organize, as there were people from vastly different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, working in different timezones, and with greatly varying abilities with Moodle, from absolute beginners through to Moodle administrators.

Despite these challenges, Marina designed, produced and ran an excellent course over a period of several months. What I particularly appreciated from this course was that it applied the approach of teaching through doing: the activities were designed in such a way that in themselves they served as models that could be used in the classroom.

The course was clearly structured and organised, and each module contained different activities ensuring that they went from discussing ideas with eachother, through consulting online materials, to constructing classes, testing them, and then reflecting on what they had done.

Apart from the contents of the course itself, what I particularly appreciated were Marina's constant availability for feedback and clarification, and her flexibility in fitting the course requirements to the hugely varied professional requirements of each one of the participants.

I came out of this course with a much increased knowledge and confidence in using Moodle. On the basis of this experience with her, I would be more than happy to work again with Marina in the field of technology teaching and learning.

Alex Walker, PhD,
Director of Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty, Barcelona, Spain

I look forward to your Wednesday postings. I really like the relaxed way you present the practical tips. Since I haven't got a research backrgound myself but from my experience already promote many of the thoughts you convey it will be great to be able to show the academics your research findings.

Jacqui Neal,
Senior Learning Technology Adviser at University of Glamorgan,
Gardiff, United Kindom

I've taken a look at through your blog – your thinking and research is particularly impressive and inspiring for the rest of us!

Matthew Wood,
Director, E-Learning,
Melbourne Area, Australia

"Dear Dr. Marina Kostina ,
I am following and waching your presentations which are related to eye movements, presence and course activities with creating online environments, All of them are wonderful and designed well. Just, I Would say thank you for your performance and happy work in the future."

İsmail Ipek, Ed.D,
Associate Professor,
Yuksek, Turkey

Anastasia Pryanikova personifies leadership with the added ability to turn neuroscience research into practicable and easy to understand and implement solutions in the areas of communication and conflict management. Her combined expertise includes professional delivery of training programs, cross-cultural experience, and a blend f analytical and creative thinking. She is smart and empathetic, with the magic to inspire people globally.

~ Nancy Kaye
Nancy Kaye
Owner of American Communication English Creative Writing Instructor of the Year at UC San Diego Extension

I look forward to each and every call we have. Since joining Quantum Leaps Mastermind Group, I have seen a great difference in my confidence, my performance (at work and home) and my outlook on life in general. We do breathing and meditation exercises together. We support, encourage and confide in each other, and a group of women coming together with that much like-minded energy is more powerful than you can imagine. You would just have to experience it.

The change in my attitude and expectancy has brought about so many positive changes in my life including financial, emotional and spiritual.

~ Samira Elmarry, QLMM participant

There are so many ways in which my life has become enriched since joining the mastermind group led by Nancy and Anastasia. My life is enriched beyond measure as a result of our mastermind group and I wish to tell everyone I encounter what a blessing it is to have such a group to share with every week.

  • The relaxation methods that include breath control and imagery are very valuable tools to lower stress in oneself and open the mind for learning.
  • The reading materials suggested included concepts to think about and try for ourselves.
  • The guest speakers were extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise and truly blessed us.
  • The teleconference calls in which we exchanged ideas feelings and growth are extremely powerful.
  • The self growth I experienced has enriched my life both personally and professionally.
  • I have connected with my listening being and communicate and exchange ideas clearly and concisely.
  • I am able to enrich the lives of others with my blogging on the site and it allows for further exchange of thoughts and feelings among the group.
  • My marriage has become further enriched as a result of my learning more about my communication style and improved in areas of weakness.
  • I am a stronger and more powerful woman and more fully believe in myself and my abilities.
  • I am able to assist others more fully as a result of my improved communication skills.
  • My writing expresses the life lessons I have experienced since joining our mastermind group.
  • My creativity has flourished as I have become a part of the group think tank in which we are unafraid to share our experiences, joys and fears in a safe place.
  • The education that has been provided by Nancy that has enriched our ability to communicate with each other. When we are able to understand how we as individuals can improve and help each other to grow the value is priceless.
  • The lessons about the way our minds think and process as taught by Anastasia is amazing and clearly assists us in our quest for understanding ourselves more fully.

~ Jennifer Merritt, QLMM participant

  • Thanks so much for arranging Anastasia's wonderful presentation!!
  • Once again you selected a great speaker/presenter for the May Conflict Coaching Teleseminar.
  • Excellent presentation today – very informative on a complex subject but made easy to understand.
  • How knowledgeable Anastasia is…I really liked this teleseminar…thank you

The 4th Annual Mediators Beyond Borders Congress, March 3 – 6th, 2011, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. Workshop "Rewiring your Brain: Neuroscience and Leadership in Conflict Resolution," co-presented with Nancy Kaye, Director of American Communication English

Comments from the participants:

  • Thanks for the great webinar!
  • Your SIG is awesome – another very informative call.
  • Thank you for the great teleclass! –so much interesting information and Ann is a great presenter!
  • Thanks SO much for the meeting today. It was amazing!
  • Anastasia was great
  • What a great webinar today – thank you! A lot to absorb and my big takeaway was the importance of self awareness, both for us as coaches and also our clients.
  • The session was very very good, Anastasia is an inspiring teacher
  • Loved Anastasia's presentation.
  • It was fascinating and one I most appreciated.
  • What a fantastic call
  • Thank you for another really interesting call today on the brain and it's response to conflict and what we can do as coaches to help our clients.
  • It was a GREAT call today with Ana on Rewiring the Brain. Excellent!
  • Fabulous call- Anastasia really is an expert and the call was fantastic.
  • Thanks so much—fabulous call!
Association for Conflict Resolution Chicago Chapter. Presentation "Rewire Your Brain to Speak Your Mind: Neuroscience Insights for Conflict Management," April 29, 2011.