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Multimedia Expert Reels

Turn your static text-based bio into an engaging dynamic video. Mix your own narration or an interview clip with the footage of book signings, speaking engagements, and reviews. Get booked to speak by showcasing your expertise in action in your Expert Reel. Give your audience a glimpse of what it means to be an author or an expert. Stand out from the experts’ crowd. Grow your credibility and visibility. Build a community. Connect and engage with your audience.

Multimedia Assessments

Grow your community by letting your prospects learn more about themselves through an assessment. Send them on an Avatar Quest through a custom-designed set of questionnaires and activities. Your prospects will identify their avatars and prepare for their transformational journey with your help. A unique QR Code Card will take them to their Avatar Quest location and help you generate more leads.

Multimedia Learning Units and Explainers

In recent years, short explainer videos have become popular in business to introduce and explain the functions and benefits of various products and services and educate consumers. While such videos are more engaging than just text, viewers still remain passive and their attention can drift away.

What if you could get your viewers interact with your content right away by reflecting, making choices, and getting feedback? Scenario-based, interactive explainers let your audience experience your product, service or system by turning your sales pitch into edutainment.

Multimedia Idea Teasers

Tell your story across multiple channels. Choose the best modes of communication to support your digital story and your virtual presence as an author or expert. Not ready to turn your book into a movie yet? How about creating a custom Idea Teaser, a video trailer or promotional animation to introduce your book or expert content.

Multimedia Brand Bumpers

Develop a Multimedia Brand Bumper, a short video logo for your expert brand that can become your personal digital signature and a hook for your prospects and clients.

Multimedia Learning Games

Engage your audience through dynamic and fun scenarios that you can use in workshops, webinars and other learnscapes. These gamified learning adventure activities can help your participants apply and practice the main ideas of your book or expert content. Play while you learn!

Multimedia Online Courses

Make your book or expert content come alive through a multimedia online course. Our innovative learning system will allow you to convert a non-fiction book or expert content into an online/mobile course that takes participants to the dimension of interactive learning and real-time application of your ideas and strategies. It uses multimedia, digital storytelling, scenarios, and game elements to increase participants' motivation to succeed and track progress. It "unpacks" the book or expert content to build an information business and an additional income stream for the author and expert.